Game changer, Sram’s etap group makes all other road groups look like a flip phone compared to an iphone.  My prior experiences with other electronic groups left me underwhelmed, the lack of tactile feedback especially in the winter was a deal breaker. Added to that, wires and more wires and my favorite, firmware updates. Etap is completely wireless and set up is a breeze, the pairing process does not require the moon and stars to align or holding your mouth right. The tactile ultra-intuitive shifting brings to mind, “Where have you been my whole life?”

Common questions; ‘Where are the batteries?’ ‘How long do they last?’ ‘How long does it take to charge?’ and the list goes on.  Bullet points as follow

Q: Where are the batteries and how long do they last?

A: Derailleur batteries last ~600 miles and are interchangeable between front and rear without any tools taking up more space. And if they run out of juice, up to 60 minutes is all it takes to fully charge each, if you don’t have a spare in your pocket. Meanwhile the shifters house ever-common CR2032 buttoncells that last 1-2 yearsQ: How heavy are the batteries?

A: Each derailleur battery comes in at 24-28 grams, or the same weight as 2 quarters and dime.

Q: If it’s wireless, how can it be secure?

A: Sram AIREA™ network boasts 128 bit encryption. Whereas we send our money everyday though ATM’s using only 64 bit encryption.

Additionally, Sram representatives told us they have had as many as 500 etap groups in a small conference room working at the same time with no issues.