Gerrod Archangel

Gerrod loves to tinker and create. He started Immersing himself into cycling a few years ago. He is constantly learning and working toward new skills with a vibrancy and high level of attention to detail. He attended Barnett’s Bicycle Institute in Colorado before starting at OYLC. Since then, he has watched and completed countless Shimano S-T.E.C. videos, attended Sram/Zipp seminars as well as Campagnolo tech seminars. He is patient and willing take the time to research what he is working on to do it correctly. In the short time he has been with us he built a number of bikes such as: Shimano Di2, Campagnolo, disc road and gravel. He is not only a roadie; Gerrod also works on suspension and disc brakes, applying that same level of attention and care. Additionally, he is also honing his craft in wheel building and bike fitting. When he is not working on bikes or riding, he modifies nerf guns with stiffer springs, combining two to make one new and improved. He loves video games and lets not forget the memes. He enjoys a good cappuccino, a bowl of ramen, cheeseburger and various beers, and spirits. If you see him out, buy him a round. We are tremendously lucky to have him the shop!


• Factor Ostro VAM

• Pegoretti Responsorium