Derek Fetko

Having grown up in Southern Indiana, Derek was a tried and true BMX die hard. Luckily for all of us, not only has he since branched out with his riding disciplines but also upgraded to a home address in Louisville. While over in the dark side of Louisville, Derek gained entry into the bike shop world at the infamous Jeffersonville Schwinn. While we’re sure you’ve heard the stories, we can only assure you they’re all true. Unfortunately Jeff Schwinn was not meant to be, but that didn’t deter Derek from continuing to polish his skill set as a mechanic.

Nowadays you’ll find Derek instinctively occupying On Your Left’s first bench during business hours and surely out pedaling two wheels whenever the shop is closed. Whether it’s MTB, BMX, road or a commute to the pub, you’re sure to see the man on a bike everywhere from here to Alabama, California or Washington State. If there’s riding to be had, Derek will take whatever is on the menu. While we’re on the subject of menu’s, it’s been said the fastest way to your mechanic’s heart is with a 6 pack of beer, if you planning on sweet talking Derek, just remember it’s time to make the donuts.


Deity Cryptkeeper

• Fit Series 3.5

• Scott Addict

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