Bike Fitting

What’s the perfect saddle?

My butt always hurts.

I go numb.

We hear these all the time from riders. We are always asked for recommendations for saddles. Unfortunately the saddle is rarely the cause, but merely a simple component that has a very big role. We aim to help you – from club riders, weekend warriors, to racers – be more comfortable on their bike. That comfort is attained by a good position that allows you to support yourself on the bike intrinsically without having to feel like you’re doing a plank for 5 hours. A saddle in the wrong position is just as bad, if not worse, than the wrong saddle.


Bike fitting is the practice of seeing the individual and meeting them at their level, understanding what they are experiencing, and guiding them to a more comfortable, often more powerful position on the bike. Cycling can be a demanding sport, however it shouldn’t feel like the bike is hurting you. The only discomfort should be from the effort you exert to the pedals. The harder you push, the more fatigue you get. But you should be able to do so without being in constant pain.

Sometimes, attaining pain free cycling takes work and patience. We are here for you. We would love for bike fitting to be as simple as waiving a magic wand but it is more of a journey. Our shared experiences and knowledge lead us to be constantly pushing the envelope to grow as cyclists and bike fitters. The only formula to a good bike fit is listening to you, the rider, and working to get you balanced on the bike so you can focus on tackling that next big challenge.

Stop by or call to schedule an appointment. We want you to feel better about riding.

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