The search for the perfect tire is never ending to some riders. I really enjoy testing different tread patters in hopes of finding a tire that allows you to rail a turn like no other. The Goma meets the typical criteria I’m looking for when it comes to rubber. It’s a meaty tire, 2.4″  width with thick sidewalls that will hopefully prevent tears from sharp rocks. The knobs are really beefy and provide plenty of confidence in the corners. I can also say it is a great “all around” tire after riding it in several different trail conditions. The goma has been a great tire for my riding, I’ve ran it in the back and think it would do really well up front. I would put this right up there with my favorite tire from maxxis, the Minion DHF. A mid $60 price tag is also a welcomed sight, and will allow you to save some cash for your next upgrade.