Drew Hartman

With an affinity toward road riding and custom built bikes to match, it’s no secret that Drew is On Your Left’s go to for all things classic. Having grown up in Louisville, KY, he gained entry into the world of bicycles like so many others out there, on a BMX bike. Coupled by his early attendance at the high volume shop, St. Matthews Schwinn, Drew’s passion for working with his hands and doing it better every time took hold. Making the progression to big kid bikes was only natural.

Over the past 15 or so years Drew continues to refine his methods and always looks forward to the next build. The enthusiasm toward wheel building and helping customers build their dream bikes shows through in every specifically torqued bolt and his drive for excellence is never forgone on even the most basic of repairs. He is also Serotta International Cycling Institute(SICI) certified to provide bike fittings.

Drew isn’t only focused on beautiful handbuilt bicycles, but also can be found in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals with the same attention to detail. Additionally, he’s probably following you on Instagram given you have a pulse.


• Vanilla custom steel road