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“Where do you ride that?” Is the usual question we receive when people see a downhill bike in our shop. Some of the trails at Ft. Duffeild can be pretty fun on a DH bike if you’re down for the walk back up. The southeast is currently seeing an explosion in the form of lift/shuttle… Read more »

Test Ride Saddles

Your saddle is 1 of 3 contact points between your body and your bike, and it is probably the most overlooked of the three. A quality saddle can greatly improve comfort, and we believe more saddle time leads to more fun.Come test ride one of our shop saddles to see what we mean. We offer… Read more »


Fresh out of the fryer, get em’ while they’re hot! #kentuckyfriedcycling

Transition PB&J

Looking for a complete dirt jumper that is ready to roll right out of the box? The Transition PBJ (Pumps, Bumps & Jumps) is a dirt jump specific hardtail with more relaxed geometry for bigger lines at higher speeds. The PBJ looks were inspired by old school BMX frames with a taller seat tube for… Read more »


One of the most copied grips in existence is now available in some wild color options. The ODI Ruffian has long been a favorite of bmx racers and mountain bikers. Made in USA with a proprietary compound that is extremely comfortable and will last longer than any grip made overseas. Get you some!

elliptical rings

It may be hard to tell from this photo, but this is actually an elliptical chain ring. Yes this had been attempted in the past with biopace, however they didn’t really have the design right with that version. Elliptical chain rings may sound strange at first,  but they can help improve pedal stroke and reduce… Read more »

Wolftooth GC 49

Wolftooth components have added a larger option for their cassette adapter. The GC 49 cassette extender cog allow you to modify your 11 speed cassette from SRAM or Shimano to create an ultra-wide range 11T-49T cassette. To achieve the optimal shifting, the GCs are optimized for Shimano or SRAM / SunRace cassettes so we have two… Read more »

Race Face Sixc crank

This is the lightest production DH rated carbon crankset on the planet, SixC is proudly designed, tested and manufactured in RaceFace’s Canadian facility with US sourced carbon. Proven Race Face hollow arm technology with Cinch interface and renowned strength to weight ratio, the SixC crankset is ideal for All Mountain, Enduro and full DH Race set-ups. Features included interchangeable spiders, limitless… Read more »

Kona Tonk

Meet the Kona Tonk… a little bit flashy, yet still plenty of class. We are absolutely blown away by how cool this bike is! A sub $1000 Reynolds steel frame road bike combined with a great drivetrain should propel this bike to the top of many riders want list. While looks aren’t everything, this one… Read more »

custom wheel building

Do your bicycle wheels resemble that of a wagon from the pioneer days? Let us lace up a new rim to your current hub or hand build the custom wheel set of your dreams. Our shop has built hundreds of wheels that have seen everything from thousands of miles on the road to drop ins… Read more »