The Kona Honzo AL/DL is a hardtail mountain bike. However, when you’re riding it, you might forget it’s a hardtail completely. What sets the Honzo apart from other 29er trail hardtails is its incredibly short 415mm rear end. Kona has slammed the rear wheel right against the bottom curve of the seat tube. This allows for a more aggressive and playful riding style. Let’s just say you might be hash tagging #manualmonday more often once you take this bike out on the trails. A lot of people falsely claim that 29er bikes aren’t as easy to jump or manual on. Kona has set out to disprove all of the false allegations against 29ers with the Kona Honzo. This is truly an aggressive designed 29er geometry and you will be smiling ear to ear on the trail because of it!

Best part is there are still some 2017 models left that you can save 15% on. Swing by and snag one before they’re gone!