The SRAM GX Eagle Cassette is probably one of the most highly anticipated components to come out in recent years. 12 gears with an 11-50t range sounds crazy. But it’s not crazy, it’s a game changer. And anyone who has ever ridden a mountain bike with this kind of range will tell you the same thing. The GX 1×12 system weighs about 300 grams lighter than 2×10 drive train setup. The craftsmanship of this cassette is top notch and the shifting is impeccable. Getting onto the 50t ring is no issue and feels no different than shifting through the rest of the cassette. So many riders were interested in SRAMs new 1×12 technology, but scared of the price point. The SRAM GX Easgle Cassette is here to ease those fears and improve the ride quality of all bikes utilizing this setup. Maybe you’ve worn out your high end eagle xx1/xo1 cassette and don’t want to drop $450 again, here lies the perfect solution and it’s only 100 grams heavier. The rest of the Eagle GX group components should be landing soon and we will be sure to make you aware!