Ibis just released their newest line of Porkchop frame bags, however, these bags are a little more uncanny than probably any frame bag you’ve ever seen before. Designed by Ibis, and built by Blackburn, these bags fit snugly into the front of the frame without any straps or bolts. That means no frame rubbing and no readjustments. Ever! Thanks to internal suspension and and Ibis’ wedge system, the bag stays secure even while riding over the most technical terrain. The bag is just big enough to fit all of your mountain biking essentials: co2 cartridges, multi tool, extra tube and gel packs.

The Ripley Pork Chop Frame Bag works with any Ripley LS, including the V2 Ripley (Tang or Black) and Gen 3 Ripley (Ti-Ho Silver or VitP Green), and the Mojo HD4/HD3 and Mojo 3, which comes in frame size-specific bag sizes (Medium, Large or XL). Retail is $49.99. Stop by the shop to check out this rad new accessory today.