Dynaplug have released new colors in their popular Racer tool! It is something every rider using tubeless tires should have handy, especially racer/endurance/enduro riders. Why do you need this? It plugs holes, massive holes that sealant won’t stand a chance against. Beneath one cap you’ll find the new Megaplug (3 times the thickness of the standard plug). It’s a real time saver when you have a large puncture. Have a smaller puncture? Pull off the other cap and our standard plug is ready to go. Check out the video for a demonstration of how it works. We are extremely excited about dynaplugs product line, you no longer have to throw away tire with holes in them! There’s nothing more that I hate than having to put a tube in a tire after a puncture and worrying about pinch flatting the rest of my ride. You can now have one less thing to worry about, thanks to dynaplug!