STRONGER: 32% improved impact strength over their Union rims.

FASTER: 18% less stiff radially for compliance, yet a 5.92% increase in lateral stiffness.

DATA-DRIVEN: gives the rider a data-backed increase in lateral stiffness and a wheelset that dampens the rough chatter of the trail.

PEOPLE-POWERED: Still and always… hand laid in Canada


Simply put, this is We Are One’s best rim to date. Following their principle of delivering unrivaled quality that is backed by actual data, there are no false claims or made-up numbers. The target was straightforward – design a shape that had  beauty and function , with a 30% minimum increase in impact strength, and provide the best ride feel possible to the rider. After two years, countless hours and permutations, they are beyond proud of what they have built  in their Kamloops, British Columbia production facility.


33mm, 30mm and 28mm

The front rims are all designed with a 28-hole drilling pattern and the rear with a 32-hole pattern. Select the desired width to give optimal tire shape and feel in order to achieve the ultimate customized contact patch and best control for the ride.