When the owner of Bardstown Road Cycles retired from the bike shop world he switched gears and focused on publishing his book “The Golden Age Of Wheeling.” Carson Torpey documents the history of Cycling in Louisville from 1868-1917. During this time Americans were crazy about bicycles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Enthusiasts bought and learned to ride the newest machines, formed clubs, held races, and sang popular songs about bicycling. In many ways, Louisville, Kentucky, was at the heart of this craze.

About the Author:

Carson Torpey is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. He attended Atherton High School and the University of Louisville, majoring in mathematics. He and his wife, Alison, have two children. After working at Bicycle Sport for 20 years, he opened his own store, Bardstown Road Bicycle Company in 1994. He began riding a 10-speed bicycle in 1969 as a way to get to the soccer games at the park but found a love for cycling instead. On a ride with the Louisville Wheelmen in 1974, he discovered the lure of bicycle racing and went on to win several state championships. His interest in cycling history began with the closing of Highland Cycle, Louisvilles long-running bike store, after receiving one of Gil Morris’s old bicycles. A customer let him ride a high-wheel bicycle, which reinforced his interest in cycling history. His wife, Alison, is the Kentucky captain for the national organization devoted to cycling history, The Wheelmen. More of Carson’s writing can be found in the organization’s magazine, The Wheelmen.

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