Any Trail, Any time. With the all new Genius, this phrase has never rung truer. We’ve given the Genius a total makeover for 2018 and the 740/940 is ready for some singletrack. Our TwinLoc Suspension System to always optimize your ride, and a Sram Eagle drivetrain along with Syncros components combine to create a ride that will get you up and down the mountain without breaking the bank.

Want a bike that can run 27″ or 29″ wheels? Scott’s new genius is the bike for you! With the popularity of the new spark platform, it was only a matter of time before Scott applied that design to their larger travel offering. Unlike much of the competition, the new Genius can switch from 27.5″ to 29″ wheels with nothing more than the flip of a chip. No need to change the fork, all you need to do is flip a shock mount chip, change your wheels and off you go. With 27.5″ wheels, you can run either 2.5″, 2.6″ or 2.8″ tires. For the 29er, anywhere from 2.4″-2.6″ is good to go. The flip chip allows us to maintain a similar BB height when switching from one wheel size to the other which is key to keeping handling similar for both wheel sizes.

The ability to adjust shock travel/damping is still down remotely on the handlebar via Scott’s twinloc! That’s right, you don’t have to remove your hand to adjust how your suspension performs. This is extremely beneficial for riders in our area as our trails are “up and down” all day long. This feature creates a bike that climbs effortlessly and allows you to open it up on the downhills for the smoothest ride possible. You have three different settings with the twinloc lever… Descend, Traction Control, and Locked Out.

DESCEND MODE: All the available air chambers in the shock are utilised to give the maximum 150mm of plush and active suspension travel for full descending capability.

TRACTION CONTROL MODE: One of the air chambers is closed off to reduce the air volume and subsequently stiffen the spring. The damping is automatically adjusted and the bikes turns into a 110mm travel efficiency machine, increasing responsiveness. The bike then dynamically rides higher which results in a more efficient geometry, perfect for steep technical climbs and pumping flatter, less technical terrain. Damping adjustment alone cannot achieve this.

LOCKOUT MODE: The TwinLoc Suspension System also features a front and rear lockout for ultimate pedalling efficiency on smooth terrain, such as fire road climbs or road transitions to the trail head.

The new Genius uses a virtual four link design for a premium suspension feel. This allows pedaling and braking response to work with maximum efficiency and in harmony with our TwinLoc Suspension System. The Genius has a  suspension curve that provides supple small bump sensitivity and therefore exceptional traction characteristics, perfect support in the mid-stroke and a controlled deep stroke for predictable and comfortable bottom outs. Specific pivot placements ensures efficient pedaling that drives the bike forwards like a startled greyhound and neutral braking that strikes a perfect balance between rider comfort and control, chassis stability and rear wheel traction. From the XC racer, to the downhill enthusiast, the new Genius kinematic brings improvements and advantages in all areas and gives a solid fundamental basis for a bike for all riders and all conditions. Swing by our store today to check the bike out for yourself or visit their specific Genius site for even more info!