Save big for a limited time on Revel’s short travel speed machine. This includes frames or completes. The Ranger is 115mm of CBF awesomeness. You’ll be blown away by how easy this bike gets to the top yet feels more capable than the travel numbers suggest.
When it comes to suspension activity under braking forces CBF is about as good as it gets. Find another bike that can hold a line as good and we will be impressed. When it comes to climbing the traction is at an all time high. Just keep turning those pedals and your Revel will roll up and over the most intimidating ascents out there!
This particular model is waiting for you and available for a test ride today. Spec’d with Sram’s Xo1 group, Truvativ carbon cranks, and Revel’s RW27 carbon wheels w/ I9 Hydra upgrade. Rochsox Ultimate suspension handle damping duties front and rear. Roll by and see just how nice this bike is in person, there’s a reason many riders in town absolutely love this bike!