Revgrips have been very well received by many of our riders. We’ve seen people who had issues with arm pump to the point they couldn’t complete a ride fully turn that around with these revolutionary grips! We have replacement sleeves for when yours wear out, we have the original “pro series” grips at $89, and we now have a more affordable “race series” option at $59!

The Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System is simply a “Bare-Bones” version of their Pro Series System at a price roughly $20 more than other popular grips.  They’ve preserved the performance but eliminated the clamp lightening process, color options, tuning options, and installation tools.  Available in the same 8 sizes as PRO (Click for Sizing info.)

All parts are upgrade-able and interchangeable between Race and Pro Series so you can add colored grips, lightened clamps, or a Tuning Washer Set to adjust performance at any time.