push hc97

Manufactured and hand assembled in-house by the
suspension technicians at PUSH Industries, the new HC97 Compression System
replaces the stock compression assemblies found in the popular Rock Shox PIKE,
Lyrik, and BoXXer forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 dampers. What does this
mean for riders? Increased traction and small bump sensitivity with higher
levels of stability and control all while giving riders more external fine-tuning
control over their front suspension.

PUSH engineers focused on creating a far more useable
adjustment range for riders looking to get the most out of their front
suspension performance. With an updated 28 clicks of low-speed compression
adjustment externally, riders will no longer find themselves hunting for a
setting “in between” clicks. Utilizing the parabolic low speed needle design, borrowed from ELEVENSIX, riders have a precise and consistent change
between each click. Additionally, the high-speed compression adjustment of the
new HC97 Compression System features a fine thread adjuster barrel also offering
28 clicks of precise resolution over the damping curve range. We can install one for you today!