A frequent afterthought we see in the bike industry are parts tailored for the youth. It’s common to see adult sized components slapped on a kids bike that have no business being there. SDG have introduced a line of parts specifically designed for kiddos ranging from saddles, grips, bars, and the pedals you see here. Skillfully engineered and manufactured specifically for smaller feet. Built to last, while enhancing grip and overall control, without aggressive sharp pins.

The Slater 90 Pedal is simply in a league of its own. The smaller 90mm x 90mm platform is specific for small feet and manufactured with a high-end nylon composite body pedal (not normal PP plastic) to withstand abuse and extend longevity. The pedals offer replaceable lower profile pins that maximize grip while decreasing the chances for any serious shin scrapes, which you’d find on adult sized pedals with taller pins. The pedal is finished off by spinning on a CroMo axle with a fully sealed DU bushing, just like a premium adult flat pedal.