Evil’s new Insurgent LS opens up a new realm of gravity oriented riding. This is the bike for the rider focused on pushing it as hard as possible on the descents. Pedal to the top or toss it on the shuttle truck for endless fun!

 The Insurgent LS is available as a mixed-wheel MX or full 27.5″ platform. Small wheels with a 180mm fork for mind-melting laps, or MX with a 170mm fork for added stability, steeper lines, and plowing downstream.
The Insurgent LS is the most shape-shifty Evil to date, and no matter the configuration, it’s built for the long send. Sure, you can comfortably pedal it uphill, but gravity is the bullseye that this machine nails every time. With all the best bits of their Wreckoning platform, and a little something extra, the Insurgent will mop up your mistakes and crack open possibilities.