TUBELESS,1x DRIVETRAIN, ROCKSHOX AIR FORK… ONLY $999! The Norco Charger 9.2 is the best option for any rider seriously considering getting into the sport of mountain biking. This cross country hardtail is set up with components that are found on almost all premium, high-end mountain bikes. The 1×10 drivetrain will carry you through any terrain that the Kentuckian trail systems will throw at you. And the Rockshox Recon Silver air suspension fork keeps your ride smooth when the terrain switches from mellow to gnarly. This air suspension fork is customizable according to the riders body weight, allowing riders to fully customize the suspension to their liking or riding style. Tubeless wheels allow for more time riding the trails versus sitting on the sidelines doing tube changes. We have seen so many riders come into the shop, buy low end hard tails, and quickly upgrade all of their components within a few months of falling in love with mountain biking. This bike features all of the higher end components that customers who purchase low end hard tails long for. The Norco Charger 9.2 is the perfect bike for anyone looking to start turning some cranks in the dirt!