I’9s most well-rounded, adventure-ready wheelset gives the rider high-tech features, unrivaled custom options and a ride quality that only our Solix G hub and spoke system can offer. At the heart of Solix G UL250a is our lightning-fast Solix drive mechanism that translates crank movement to instant propulsion. With 605 points of engagement, you’ll feel connected to the terrain and be able to provide pedal input immediately to command your ride over nearly any road surface from smooth fire roads to washboarded and bouldered jeep roads and everything in between. This confidence is only bolstered by the Solix G chassis – an Industry Nine exclusive reimagining of the hub and the spoke interface. Laced directly into the Solix hub flange are 24 machined straight-pull aluminum spokes that thread right into the hub shell.

Since the spoke is machined, Industry Nine integrated the wrench flats on the rim end, eliminating the need for a separate nipple and removing junctions that can fail and leave you in the woods. Combining the immediate response of the Solix freehub with this evolutionary hub and spoke chassis gives the rider a system that can challenge carbon rim wheelsets for ride quality and durability. The UL250 aluminum rim is built for tubeless gravel and MTB tires up to 55mm or 2.1” and features a hooked bead and a barbed bead shelf that keeps tires right where they should be even if you air down a bit to give your hands a rest on that final descent to camp. Riders desiring to ride road and gravel tires but keep the Solix G hub and spoke chassis should check out the Solix G AR25 wheelest.