“Coil-like performance” is often advertised but rarely achieved when it comes to air spring rear shocks – The Intend Hover Gamechanger lives up to this claim!

The project started on a blank page as the goal was to do things differently. Intend Hover Gamechanger shocks are designed around a separated damping and air spring assembly to keep heat management in check. The negative air chamber is way larger compared to more traditional designs and set up to a slightly higher pressure to improve suppleness.

A port between both air chambers allows fine adjustments instead of using a common bleed valve. A linear spring curve is made possible by using increased air volume. Ramp-up is also tuneable by using volume reducers that are changed in a matter of minutes. Feedback from team riders inspired us to add a lockout mechanism.

A flip lever makes it possible to completely lock the damper and gives you a hardtail-like feel. A pretty awesome feature if local trails are only accessible by gruelling fire road climbs.

That’s it! Game changed…

  • Sensitive and plush spring curve
  • Low friction construction
  • Flip lever actuated lock out
  • Lightweight design suitable for a wide variety of riding styles
  • Designed, engineered & tested in Freiburg / Germany
  • Assembled 100% in-house and by hand – One at a time