We are very excited to announce that we are now a Forbidden bike dealer. This brand has had a quick rise to success along with an impressive season on the Enduro race scene. The highpivot suspension is becoming more common from brand to brand and we chose to go with one of the companies that has been at the front of advancing the technology. The Dreadnought pictures here is their bigger travel bike meant for big mountain days. We will have their brand new Druid V.2 arriving as soon as it’s available.

Whether you’re on the start line or in line to shred your local spot, you’ll be equipped to blast any jump line, rock garden, and rut track in your path aboard the Forbidden Dreadnought. Bigger, burlier and ready for anything. This mountain taming bruiser of a bicycle knows no bound, and neither will you. Expanding our category defying high pivot design from the Druid and applying it to a platform for the extremes. A dh bike in all but the small print, ready for the rowdiest back-country lines, the steepest race stages and the shadiest gaps in the bike park. Bring the big guns, bring the Dreadnought and fear nothing. The only thing this bike needs is a pilot ready to feed it a non-stop diet of rough and rowdy terrain.