Industry Nine have given their Grade300 wheelset a complete face lift. Rim width has been stretched to a 30mm inner width while adding material to the bead wall for increased durability. All while not adding any extra weight! This new rim, combined I9’s proprietary spokes and Torch hub chassis makes for one incredibly strong wheelset weighing in at 1880g for 27.5″ and 2,000g for 29″ this wheelset is stout enough for park laps but still light enough for race day. Rounding out the new look are our new and improved rim graphics. The stiffer spokes provide unrivaled cornering and tracking performance through the nastiest terrain -No more wheel flex throwing you off line. The added stiffness also makes tuning easier; eliminating the mushy, vague feeling most DH wheels deliver allows you to accurately judge everything from tire pressure to suspension settings.