Goggles are typically associated with downhill riding or enduro racing, but I find them to be a secret weapon for comfortable riding during the winter. You literally feel like you’re behind a windshield. Say goodbye to watery eyes and contacts bothering you. For years I use to remove the foam that sits between the lens and the section of foam that rest on your face. This helped prevent them from fogging up. Smith is the first company that I have seen do that straight from the factory!

Smith’s first unapologetic mountain bike specific goggle, the Squad MTB, provides you with crystal-clear vision, maximum ventilation, excellent fit and the helmet integration that you’d expect from Smith. The Squad MTB comes with a premium-mirrored lens installed and an additional clear lens. Both cylindrical, ultra-durable carbonic-x lenses are massive for a large field of view. They’re also offered in a wide range of colors!