Big wheel feels! We have one of the best bmx tracks in the country right outside of town. The community there are very welcoming and they put in a ton of work to make the place what it is. Maybe you ride mountain bikes and you want to brush up on your jumping skills. Or maybe you have kids riding the track and you’re ready to try it out for yourself. This bike is the perfect entry into bmx and will have you flying high in no time!

The Race Lite Pro 24 is smooth, stable and fast on the track. Built on a heat-treated aluminum Race Lite frame, upsized for 24″ wheels with a 21.75″ top tube, You also get 24-sized chromoly forks and bars, along with the same high-performance spec as its 20″ family members: 2-piece 175mm alloy cranks with a sealed BB86 bottom bracket and 24″ alloy wheels rolling on sealed bearings. For the cruiser crew, the Pro Lite 24 is ready-to-go.