A tribute to true trail bosses, the DEITY Cryptkeeper is tailored specifically to the needs of riders who thrive on high speed big sets, to those who spend 75% of their time digging, who love the smell of damp dirt, the sound of a slapping shovel, and look upon a lip as a work of art.  The creation process of the Cryptkeeper began in 2008 in a hope to develop a frame that could excel at every aspect of trail riding. There was a responsibility to do things right the first time, to allow it to have a unique voice among the countless “do it all” style of frames on the market.

Unlike most frames on the market that are either copied directly from the generic playbook or are better suited for a street setting than steep lips, the Cryptkeeper’s geometry is what truly gives the bike its identity, feel, and demeanor at the trails. With a 69.5 degree head angle, short rear end, a top tube that does not clip your feet, and a fast agile personality, the heart of the Cryptkeeper rests in how it positions you through big sets, the rhythm of your pump, and where your body needs to be to achieve the best center of gravity for massive sets.  Deity did not make a slight change to a current design… they went to the drawing board and created exactly what we wanted in a perfect DJ frame.

There is nothing worse than a twitchy high BB frame on trails or vice versa, a slow sluggish long frame that needs to be worked through a pack. Deity wanted a frame that would settle the riders weight and momentum in the pump, allow the bike to seat itself into the largest berms, and at the highest speeds, create stability in the ride. Utilizing a 25mm BB drop that positions the center of the BB, and your riding stance, 25mm below the centerline of your front and rear axles, the BB drop on the Cryptkeeper places your center of gravity at the optimal location to generate as much speed through each set and coupled with the calculated 15.25” short chainstay length, the frame’s acceleration, pop, and maneuverability makes the Cryptkeeper one of the fastest trail bikes in the world.

With an unrivaled snap out of corners, control in high speed sections, stability in berms, and aggressiveness on steep lips, the Cryptkeeper is not the average industry standard frame. It is a reflection of true dirt jumpers, riders who build it wide, tall, steep, who do not poach trails, who fix what they destroy, who pick up a shovel, a hose, and spends hours upon hours grooming their spots. It is truly a select group and for those that understand…the DEITY Cryptkeeper was made for you.