If you’re looking for a bottom bracket that will never creak and spins faster than the girls head in the exorcist, look no further than BB Infinite. The one-Piece design bottom bracket structure eliminates all potential creaks before they start. How do they spin so well? Bicycle frame bottom bracket shells are notoriously misaligned, inconsistent, and out of round, and so it’s inadvisable to use the bike frame as the primary aligning member for bottom bracket bearings.

A BB Infinite OPD (One-Piece-Design) bottom bracket module is a CNC precision-machined hub—like the front wheel hub on your bike—that you press into your frame. And just like your trouble-free wheel hub, BBInfinite OPD bottom brackets have perfectly aligned bearings regardless of your frame’s BB shell alignment and tolerances. Perfectly aligned bearings are essential for thousands of miles of trouble-free use and extreme spin performance. Available in standard bearings and ceramic for even smoother pedaling!