All mountain, enduro, and trail bikes (insert other random classifications here) are are becoming more popular especially within the last two years. There may be some confusion with all the names though. This style of bike is typically a five or six inch bike with a slack headtube, shorter stem, wide bars, and will at one point in it’s life probably have a dropper post. The purpose of this bike is to get you to the top of a long trail and then be able to bomb down the decent better than your normal XC bike would. This also equals more fun for the rider who is a little more aggressive or it makes it easier for a new rider. Any time you go to an area with several mile long downhills these bikes are way more prevalent. Trails are progressing around the country. With that comes bigger jumps, taller berms, and steeper more technical descents. The bike industry has taken note of this and you have every company under the sun offering a 27.5″ AM bike. So what’s the best one out there?

Multiple publications have descrided the Kona Proccess as one of  the most fun 27.5 bikes currently available! I can agree, I’ve had one for three years now and don’t ever see myself letting her go. This bike handles amazingly well through all of the rough stuff. I feel comfortable hitting jumps blind first time down on this thing. It truly was a blast to ride and I felt right at home on it instantly! Come find out for yourself.