Take a look at what the crew from Sunday Bikes have cooked up for 2018! There’s a wide range of options to fit every riders personal taste and budget. The new line features the best ingredients possible from Odyssey and Sunday to provide a reliable ride. For starters we have a 16″ primer for the little ones, start the kiddos young!
The pro level forecaster model comes out of the box with freecoaster and now has two different color options… translucent cream soda of fluorescent green if ya wanna keep it spicy! The Scout is a great bike for dedicated riders on a budget. The Scout line is built with more aftermarket parts than ever before, including the brand new Odyssey Twisted Pro pedal and Path Pro tire. The hard part will be deciding colors as it’s available in four flavors.
The Primer is a serious starter bike at a seriously great price, just $359.99! Built around a pro-level geometry in a range of top tube sizes, the Primer is spec’d with quality parts like Odyssey Springfield brakes and Path Pro tires. Don’t forget about the value menu… the blueprint is available for just $299 and is the best option for those wishing to get into bmx without breaking the bank. Start with a solid frame and turn it into a full coarse pro model bike down the road thanks to it’s ability to upgrade. That wraps up the line for 2018 Sunday bikes, our drive thru is available for test rides during regular shop hours!