Evil have unleashed a new version of their insanely popular following and we have no doubt that this bike will once again shake things up for the short travel, yet shredeable bike lovers. After all the following is one of the bikes that started the “downcountry” craze. It’s been said over and over that this is the bike all other brands should have to compare their “playfulness” level to and we agree completely. We have racked up a few hundred miles aboard one ourselves and we just can’t put this bike down.
Evil made some small changes to the frame geometry with the new release… a 77-degree seat tube angle has you climbing at a whole new speed! The 430mm chainstays and reasonable reach come together and give you the lighting fast handling this bike has been known for. I find myself very composed on the downhills, the small increase in wheelbase and superboost have you pointing and shooting fear free through the rough stuff. Past following owners will feel right at home thanks to Evil not going crazy with the head angle, 67.2 is once again the magic number and it feel perfect whether you’re going up or down.
The change we like the most is actually choosing to use an inline shock this time around(no piggyback) You still have the option if you wish, but that inline shock takes you to a level of pop I’ve never experienced on a bike. This makes every ride more and more fun! Refined lines and internally routed cables give the bike a killer look. I’ve also found this bike to be incredibly quite thanks to the revamped chain keeper and chainstay protector, no chain rattle here folks! Once again Evil have created a bike that will make your riding buddies ask “how does he take those lines on that bike and throw it around like no other” as they scratch their head in disbelief. This is one bike that has us constantly dreaming about the next time we get to ride it!