This has got to be one of the best complete bikes available for people who intend to commute by bicycle! The Kona Rove AL features a lightweight aluminum frame with rack mounts for carrying all the necessities to go about your day. Easily mount up fenders and stay dry on your urban adventures. Shimano components allow for smooth shifts for the hills you’ll encounter. Schwalbe tires with reflective sidewalls will keep you safe at night and flat protection will reduce the amount of flats greatly.

The most beneficial part of the bike are easily the disc brakes which allow for better stopping power especially on rainy days, longer life, and less maintenance than the typical rim brake. You will also never have to worry about wearing through your rim due to your rim brakes (we see it more than you’d think) and you don’t have to ever clean your rims for optimal braking performance. We can guarantee this bike will deliver an enjoyable ride every time you take it out!