This wheelset was especially exciting to build as we got to use Revel’s new carbon rims that are a bit different than from what we’ve seen other companies doing. Fusion fiber technology utilizes advanced polymers “think nylon” to hold the carbon together instead of epoxy. Where epoxy is brittle and can fracture, nylon is flexible and makes for a quiet, damped ride feel, and better impact resistant rim. Revel have partnered with an aerospace company in the US to make this magic happen.
The rims are backed by a lifetime warranty as well! Revel engineered their rims to be superior in strength to all other carbon rims on the market, but if you run low tire pressures, smack a sharp rock and luck isn’t on your side, a rim crack can still happen. The material used is 100% recyclable and reusable! Broken rims will be melted down into a block of material that can be turned into another part.The new company with a goal of being as green as possible is thrilled to be taking tangible steps and working with the world’s leading manufacturers to create products made for fun and the least amount of negative environmental impact possible.