​After years of research and development dedicated to perfecting the 35mm bore handlebar, DEITY have created the best feeling carbon line of handlebars to date. Gone are the days of blown out hands and varying degrees of arm pump after a day on your new 35mm bore oversized super stiff handlebar.  It’s no secret that the industry is notorious for ever changing standards which leaves us asking why?  Is it better, or just different for the sake of new sales?

Well, DEITY has never believed in creating anything unless it improves the rider’s experience and that is why they are not the first to jump on a new “trend” or standard because they don’t believe in using our customers as test subjects.  Instead, Deity take as much time needed to make sure everything they bring to the rider is better than what they’ve done before. Theall new Skywire Carbon Trail handlebar delivers the same level of strength and comfort you’ve come to expect from DEITY with a very specific focus on increased performance and time on the bike. 800mm wide with 15mm and 25mm rise options are available. This beauty promises to keep you on the bike longer with a shorter recovery between rides, so get out there and find your next challenge, sky’s the limit!

deity skywire carbon bar