The Revel team created the Rail with two things in mind: maximum thrills and climbing hills. A tuned carbon layup makes railing through berms pure joy. The Rail will put an end to the traditional trail bike compromises to ascent efficiency to which you’ve grown accustomed. The Canfield Balance Formula is the heart of every Revel bike, which maximizes the amount you pedal in the sweet spot and keeps the suspension wildly active while descending and braking. Read more about their incredible technology here, or ride a Rail for yourself and get hooked.

Revel offers each of their bikes in several different packages (GX, XT, XO1, or XX1) to meet your budget. You also have the ability to upgrade wheels, shock, or fork on some models. This rider chose to go with the heavily praised PUSH Eleven Six rear shock and they also upgrade the Lyrik to a Zeb for more confidence at Windrock. The rest of the bike is made up of the GX build which includes the Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro wheels featuring I9 1/1 hubs, Crankborthers dropper, SRAM Code brakes, and a SRAM GX drivetrain. Get with us today and let’s save you some money on a Revel!