The Norco Sight C 9.3 is the bike that is getting all of the buzz right now in the mountain bike commmunity. This bike is a “Do-Anything, Go-Anywhere,” fully carbon 29er that will blast you up the steepest ascents, and confidently carry you down the fastest descents. The ultra-stiff rear end make the ride playful, while the all-mountain tuned A.R.T suspension keeps riders comfortable even on the rockiest of terrain. The geometry of this bike really pushes the boundaries of what mountain bikes are capable of doing, and in doing so, helps riders push themselves harder and further than what they might have thought possible.  For how capable this bike is, it is truly a great value. You really can’t comprehend the capabilities of the Norco Sight C 9.3 until you take one down the trail and see first hand.