New for 2023 you get a revolution in damper technology, the RC2T damper, found at the Ultimate level, allows for the most precise compression tuning ever seen! Tunability’s the name of the game—now you can fine-tune shock feel throughout travel from top to bottom out—or bottomless—it’s up to you to decide.

CHANGING TUNE: Engineered to strike a chord, the new DebonAir+ system was built on the idea of tuneability. Designed to meet the needs of all types of riders, DebonAir+ offers two different air cans to augment each frame’s particular kinematics.

SOFTEN THE BLOW: Utilizing a needle that rations the flow of oil as the piston moves through the stroke, Hydraulic Bottom Out kicks in within the last 20% of travel, sparing you the pain of that harsh clanking bottom out after impact without sacrificing reactivity or traction. Found in our Super Deluxe lineup, Hydraulic Bottom Out plays nice with our Bottomless Tokens, allowing riders to fine-tune their air spring without worrying about bottoming out.