Anyone who has ever worn a pair of cycling shoes can probably agree that while cycling shoes can help improve pedaling efficiency, they’re not always the most comfortable shoes right out of the box, especially when walking around off of your bike. The G8 performance insoles help to alleviate the arch discomfort that cycling shoes can sometimes cause riders. However, the G8’s not only aim to improve comfort, but also help to improve the transfer of power from foot to pedal. David Lee, the G8 Performance principal, believes that, “your foot transfers power more efficiently when the arch can move more naturally.” The arch inside of the G8 insole is both flexible and customizable. These insoles feature interchangeable and repositionable arch ‘cookies’ that allow riders to fine-tune their fit. Snap-fit posts at the bottom of each insole ensure that the cookies are easily moved to fit the riders needs. These insoles are especially a great option for rider who feel their current cycling shoes are too restrictive. Stop by today and we can show you more in person!


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